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Technical Support

Advantages Of An Aquasol Controller?

Aquasol controllers...
  • do not require expensive service calls for calibration or preventative maintenance.
  • do not require expensive tools for calibration.
  • do not require probe calibration.
  • are not confusing for operators; very simple to use.
  • have a completely modular design for ease of service - nothing is hard wired.
  • are completely serviceable by pool operators.
  • have no expensive warranty or service "programs."
  • have a lifetime warranty on the circuit board.
  • have solid state electronics for reliability in harsh environments.
  • are suitable for indoor or outdoor installations.
  • have built in spa/hot water modifications included with every unit.
  • have a self cleaning probe configuration option included with every model.
  • have a patented non-clogging flow cell included with every controller.
  • have feed limit alerts to assist with proper feed system sizing.
  • will work with any off line feed system.
  • will work with any type of commercially approved pool sanitizer.
  • have the best factory toll-free technical support in the industry. Water chemistry experts are always available to solve problems at no charge.
  • are designed specifically for pools and spas (not industrial water treatment machines adapted to pools) and include the options that are needed by pool operators.

As a result of these features, the Aquasol SPC series of controllers (SPC, SPC-M, WTC, and WTC-P) are the most used swimming pool controllers in the United States.